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Be HeadSmart, Seniors! Brain Injury and Falls Prevention Project
Requester: Valerie Breen Organization: Brain Injury Association of Florida, Inc.
Project Title: Be HeadSmart, Seniors! Brain Injury and Falls Prevention Project Date Submitted 1/11/2006 4:42:43 PM
Sponsors: Hasner
Statewide Interest:
This project addresses the significant incidence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) among Florida citizens over age 60. Between July 2001 and June 2005, there were a total of 1,338 TBIs among Floridians ages 65 and up. Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates for TBI-related hospitalization per-person, the costs for these injuries could top $267 million. As Florida's population ages and grows, demand for state resources for care will grow unless effective prevention strategies are implemented. Under a contract with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Brain Injury Association of Florida, Inc. (BIAF) conducts the only statewide injury prevention effort that highlights the serious risk of TBI for people over age 60.
Recipient: Brain Injury Association of Florida, Inc.   Contact: Valerie Breen  
  201 East Sample Road   Contact Phone: (850) 410-0103  
  Pompano Beach 33064-3502   Contact email:
Counties: {Statewide}
Gov't Entity:   Private Organization (Profit/Not for Profit): Yes
Project Description:
Brain Injury Association of Florida's Be HeadSmart, Seniors! Project (the Project) is a multi-faceted and innovative approach that utilizes collaboration and partnerships within local communities to reach people over age 60 with messages about preventing TBI. BIAF has been proven effective in establishing active partnerships and collaborations with local agencies that serve the targeted population, with state agencies including the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the Florida Department of Health, Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program, and with private entities. The Project employs a multi-tiered approach that allows us to reach a wide variety of audiences statewide as well as promoting greater adoption and uptake of our messages. First,BIAF will distribute educational packets that show people over age 60 how to evaluate their environment and lifestyle and make informed changes to keep themselves safe. The project will distribute 60,000 if these packets, concentrating on communities with the highest reported incidences of brain injuries. Second, BIAF will stage a minimum of 90 presentations of "HeadSmartz, A Cranium Challenge (HeadSmartz)," a lecture-disguised-as-a-game that engages the audience in brain-building exercises that also encourage behavior change. The HeadSmartz presentation has been proven effective in persuading seniors to take action to reduce their risk of brain injury. In 2006-2007, the presentations will reach a minimum of 3,000 individuals directly. In addition to reaching the seniors themselves, we make the presentations to audiences of senior caregivers and younger family members who take an active interest in the safety of their elders. The third project tier enhances the impact of Be HeadSmart, Seniors! program by providing two-hour training workshops for 30 health and wellness professionals, giving them critical information about TBI and training them in the use of the HeadSmartz and other educational tools developed and tested by BIAF. Lastly, BIAF will provide assistance and event facilitation to the people we train enabling them to reach many thousands more seniors in all parts of Florida. It is important to note that during 2003/2004 and again in 2004/2005, the Be HeadSmart, Seniors! program was rigorously evaluated and proven successful in persuading seniors to take action to reduce their risk of injury from falls. A project outcome report, published by a University of Florida Doctorial Candidate, cites numerous rates of success including outcomes that exceeded objectives in every category. BIAF is committed to continuing research and evidence-based evaluation of all project components to ensure the quality and success of the objectives. A copy of the outcome report is available to anyone upon request.
Is this a project related to a federal or state declared disaster? No
Measurable Outcome Anticipated:
1) Will distribute 60,000 educational packets containing lifestyle checklists to people over age 60. 2) Will conduct 90 educational events in a variety of settings statewide. 3) Will teach 3,000 people over age 60 simple actions to reduce their risk of brain and other disabling injuries. 4) will teach 30 health and wellness professionals about brain injuries and how to use HeadSmartz event materials.
Amount requested from the State for this project this year: $199,450
Total cost of the project: $249,450
Request has been made to fund: Operations
What type of match exists for this project? Private
  Cash Amount $15,000   In-kind Amount $35,000
Was this project previously funded by the state?   Yes
  Fiscal Year: 2005-2006 Amount: $25,000
Is future-year funding likely to be requested?   Yes
  Amount: $199,450 To Fund: Operations
Was this project included in an Agency's Budget Request?   No
Was this project included in the Governor's Recommended Budget? No
Is there a documented need for this project? Yes
  Documentation: Traumatic brain injury in the United States: a public health perspective. Journal of Head Trauma...
Was this project request heard before a publicly noticed meeting of a body of elected officials (municipal, county, or state)?   Yes
  Hearing Body: Broward Legislative Delegation Meeting
  Hearing Meeting Date: 12/15/2005
Is this a water project as described in Section 403.885, Laws of Florida?   No