Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Alan B. Williams 

Session :  

Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015CS/CS/CS/HB 57Law Enforcement Officer Body Cameras04/24/15 S Received -SJ 640
2015HB 227Online Voter Registration1st Reading
2015HB 339Poverty1st Reading
2015CS/HB 657Dental CareNow in Appropriations Committee
2015HB 1029Liquid NitrogenNow in Business & Professions Subcommittee
2015HB 1163City of Tallahassee, Leon CountyNow in Business & Professions Subcommittee
2015HB 1185Florida Healthy Working Families ActNow in Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee
2015HB 1223Florida Foreclosed Homes for the Brave ProgramNow in Veteran & Military Affairs Subcommittee
2015HB 1241School Personnel EvaluationsNow in K-12 Subcommittee
2015HM 1319Financial Literacy04/21/15 S Received -SJ 452
2015HB 4019Use of Force1st Reading
2015HB 4037Marriage/Issuance of Marriage Licenses to Persons of the Same Sex1st Reading
2015HB 4047Regulation of Firearms and AmmunitionNow in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2015HB 7143Online Voter RegistrationLaid on Table, refer to CS/CS/SB 228
2015HR 9015Florida State University Soccer TeamAdopted
2015HR 9031Amos P. Godby High School Boys Basketball TeamAdopted by Publication
2015HR 9033Lawton M. Chiles High School Boys Soccer TeamAdopted by Publication
2015HR 9037Florida A&M University Developmental Research School Girls' Basketball TeamAdopted by Publication
2015HR 9051FAMU DayAdopted
2015HR 90712015 All-Florida Academic TeamAdopted by Publication
2015HR 910550th Anniversary of the March on SelmaAdopted

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015HB 3Closing the Gap Grant ProgramLaid on Table, refer to SB 94
2015HB 11Care of Children1st Reading
2015HB 25Employment Discrimination1st Reading
2015HB 29Financial Literacy Instruction in Public Schools1st Reading
2015CS/HB 63Public-Private PartnershipsNow in Appropriations Committee
2015CS/HB 65Public Records & Public MeetingsAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2015HB 129Greyhound Racing Injuries1st Reading
2015CS/HB 153Literacy Jump Start Pilot Project04/24/15 S Received -SJ 640
2015HB 205Criminal History Records of Minors1st Reading
2015CS/HB 287Controlled SubstancesAdded to Justice Appropriations Subcommittee agenda
2015CS/CS/HB 321HIV TestingOrdered enrolled
2015CS/CS/HB 465Human TraffickingOrdered enrolled
2015HB 511Palliative Care1st Reading
2015CS/HB 545TelehealthNow in Health & Human Services Committee
2015HB 621Voluntary Contributions to End Breast CancerLaid on Table, refer to SB 676
2015HB 625Florida Civil Rights ActLaid on Table, refer to SB 982
2015HB 757Transportation Network Company Insurance1st Reading
2015HB 835Art Therapy1st Reading
2015CS/CS/CS/HB 915Building Codes04/22/15 S Received -SJ 511
2015CS/HB 935Individuals with DisabilitiesLaid on Table, refer to CS/SB 642
2015HCR 8001Equal Rights for Men and Women1st Reading
2015HR 9003American Stroke MonthAdopted by Publication
2015HR 9041Delta Sigma Theta SororityAdopted
2015HR 9047Alpha Kappa Alpha SororityAdopted

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