Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Sponsored Bills of Representative John Wood 

Session :  

Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014CS/CS/CS/HB 159Establishment of Mental Health First Aid Training Program04/23/14 S Received -SJ 590
2014CS/HB 609Article V Constitutional Convention04/22/14 S Received -SJ 523
2014CS/CS/CS/HB 617Towing of Vehicles and Vessels04/23/14 S Received -SJ 591
2014HM 625Balanced Federal BudgetLaid on Table, refer to SM 658
2014HB 933Greyhound Racing Injuries1st Reading
2014CS/HB 973Transportation Services ProcurementNow in Appropriations Committee
2014HM 1027Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil-fueled Electric Generating UnitsAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HB 1107Utility Cost Containment BondsNow in Finance & Tax Subcommittee
2014CS/CS/HB 1109Property InsuranceAmendment 376077 filed
2014CS/HB 1115Value Adjustment BoardsNow in Local & Federal Affairs Committee

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014HB 35Resident Status for Tuition PurposesWithdrawn prior to introduction
2014CS/HB 99Controlled SubstancesLaid on Table, refer to CS/SB 360
2014CS/CS/HB 147Concrete Masonry EducationAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HB 257Medical Tax Exemptions1st Reading
2014CS/CS/HB 321Title InsuranceOrdered enrolled
2014HB 367Financial Literacy Instruction in the Public Schools1st Reading
2014HM 381Article V Convention of the StatesLaid on Table, refer to SM 476
2014CS/CS/HB 843Cannabis1st Reading
2014HM 1285Regulation Freedom AmendmentAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HM 1427Citrus Greening DiseaseAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014CS/CS/HB 7021Sexually Violent PredatorsLaid on Table, refer to CS/SB 524
2014HB 7071Advanced Practice Registered NursesNow in Health & Human Services Committee
2014CS/CS/HB 7107Administrative ProceduresBill added to Special Order Calendar (4/25/2014)
2014HR 9001Florida State University Football TeamAdopted
2014HR 9003Jameis WinstonAdopted
2014HR 9011FSU DayAdopted
2014HR 9023Retired Sergeant First Class Melvin MorrisAdopted
2014HR 9037Honor Flight NetworkAdopted by Publication
2014HR 9041Springs Protection Awareness MonthAdopted by Publication
2014HR 9043Florida Highway PatrolAdopted by Publication

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