Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Debbie Mayfield 

Session :  

Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015HB 337Local Government Services1st Reading
2015HB 349Opening and Closing of Public Schools1st Reading
2015HB 735Vacation Rentals1st Reading
2015HB 743Education1st Reading
2015HB 773Municipal Power Regulation1st Reading
2015HB 873Regional Planning Councils1st Reading
2015HB 877Assessments and Accountability1st Reading

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015CS/CS/HB 21Substance Abuse ServicesAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2015HB 29Financial Literacy Instruction in Public Schools1st Reading
2015CS/HB 63Public-Private PartnershipsNow in Appropriations Committee
2015CS/HB 65Public Records & Public MeetingsNow in State Affairs Committee
2015CS/CS/HB 87Construction Defect ClaimsNow in Judiciary Committee
2015HB 139Sentencing in Capital Felonies1st Reading
2015CS/HB 153Literacy Jump Start Pilot ProjectAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2015CS/CS/HB 163Public Records/ContractorsNow in State Affairs Committee
2015HB 225All-American Flag ActPassed; YEAS 110, NAYS 2
2015HB 301Malt BeveragesNow in Regulatory Affairs Committee
2015CS/CS/HB 369Human TraffickingAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2015CS/CS/HB 383Private Property RightsAdded to Appropriations Committee agenda
2015HB 511Palliative Care1st Reading
2015HB 529Defense ContractingNow in Finance & Tax Committee
2015CS/CS/HB 611Residential PropertiesNow in Judiciary Committee
2015HB 633Informed Patient ConsentAdded to Health & Human Services Committee agenda
2015CS/HB 657Dental CareNow in Appropriations Committee
2015CS/HB 791Residential PropertiesAdded to Finance & Tax Committee agenda
2015HB 863Health Insurance1st Reading
2015CS/HB 917Cattle Market Development ActAdded to State Affairs Committee agenda
2015CS/HB 933Growth ManagementNow in Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee
2015HB 1263Homeowners' AssociationsNow in Business & Professions Subcommittee
2015CS/HB 7003Water Resources03/18/15 S On Committee agenda-- Environmental Preservation and Conservation, 03/18/15, 4:00 pm, 37 Senate Office Building --Discussed/Workshop

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