Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda 

Session :  

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SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015HB 351Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods1st Reading
2015HB 363Hemp Production1st Reading
2015HB 925Postsecondary Education Fees1st Reading
2015HM 1129Repeal of Applications for Article V Constitutional Convention1st Reading
2015HB 1227Renewable Energy1st Reading
2015HB 1229State Employee Salaries1st Reading
2015HM 1251Electromagnetic Pulse Threats, Cyber-Attacks, and Geomagnetic Storms1st Reading
2015HM 1265Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement1st Reading
2015HM 1267Energy1st Reading
2015HB 1315Florida Ethics Center1st Reading
2015HB 4001Repeal of Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery1st Reading
2015HB 4003Death Penalty1st Reading
2015HB 4039Public Records and Public Meetings/University Direct-Support Organizations1st Reading
2015HB 4041Cannabis1st Reading
2015HB 4045Repeal of a Prohibition on Cohabitation1st Reading

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

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