Thursday, January 29, 2015
Bill Number: 0436
Date: Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Reading #: 3
Barcode #: NA
Amend. #: NA
Sequence: 86
In the Chair: Bense
Floor Actions: Passage
Y  Adams N  Bullard Y  Glorioso Y  Legg Y  Rivera
Y  Allen Y  Cannon Y  Goldstein Y  Littlefield Y  Robaina
Y  Altman Y  Carroll Y  Goodlette Y  Llorente N  Roberson, Y.
Y  Ambler Y  Clarke N  Gottlieb Y  Lopez-Cantera Y  Ross
Y  Anderson -  Coley, D. Y  Grant Y  Machek Y  Rubio
-  Antone Y  Cretul Y  Greenstein Y  Mahon Y  Russell
Y  Arza Y  Culp Y  Grimsley Y  Mayfield N  Ryan
Y  Attkisson N  Cusack Y  Harrell Y  McInvale N  Sands
Y  Ausley Y  Davis, D. -  Hasner -  Meadows Y  Sansom
Y  Barreiro Y  Davis, M. Y  Hays Y  Mealor N  Seiler
Y  Baxley Y  Dean Y  Henriquez Y  Murzin Y  Simmons
Y  Bean Y  Detert Y  Holloway Y  Needelman N  Slosberg
N  Bendross-Mindingall Y  Domino Y  Homan Y  Negron N  Smith
Y  Bense Y  Evers Y  Hukill Y  Patterson N  Sobel
Y  Benson Y  Farkas Y  Jennings N  Peterman Y  Sorensen
Y  Berfield Y  Fields Y  Johnson Y  Pickens Y  Stansel
Y  Bilirakis Y  Flores Y  Jordan Y  Planas Y  Stargel
Y  Bogdanoff Y  Galvano N  Joyner Y  Poppell N  Taylor, P.
Y  Bowen N  Gannon Y  Justice N  Porth Y  Traviesa
Y  Brandenburg Y  Garcia, R. Y  Kendrick Y  Proctor Y  Troutman
Y  Brown Y  Gardiner Y  Kottkamp Y  Quinones N  Vana
Y  Brummer N  Gelber Y  Kravitz Y  Reagan Y  Waters
-  Brutus N  Gibson Y  Kreegel Y  Rice Y  Williams, T.
N  Bucher Y  Gibson, H. -  Kyle Y  Richardson Y  Zapata
Total Yeas: 94     Total Nays: 20     Total Abstained: 0     Total Missed: 6     Total Votes: 114

Vote After Roll Call:
    Hasner04/05/2005 10:21:45 AM
    Kyle04/05/2005 10:34:14 AM
    Meadows05/23/2005 03:48:19 PM
    Antone04/05/2005 12:01:29 PM
    Brutus05/16/2005 07:33:26 PM

Explanations of Vote:
Seiler  -  I fully support the right of individuals to use self-defense, including deadly force, to protect themselves and their family from imminent danger, physical harm, and deadly force. Further, I also fully support the current legal standard that protects the right of Floridians to protect their family and themselves in their own home; in fact, the "Castle Doctrine" is such good public policy that it should be expanded to occupied vehicles. We must continue to safeguard the rights of everyday law-abiding Floridians to own a firearm, to use it responsibly, and to act in self defense. However, I am concerned that this bill, as written, completely eliminates the duty to retreat in all public places outside of a home or occupied vehicle, and allows Floridians to engage someone with a deadly weapon in the public arena. This provision would create a number of potential loopholes for criminals, and would make it far more difficult for the police and state attorneys to prosecute these violent criminals, and even more difficult for innocent victims to recover damages from these violent criminals.

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