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Legislative Glossary

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ActAn act is a bill that has passed both houses of the Legislature.

AdjournmentA motion to adjourn ends a session day's business and sets a future date and time to reconvene the next session day.

Adjournment sine dieA motion to adjourn sine die concludes a legislative session.  Sine die is the Latin term for "without day."

Adoption refers to favorable action by a chamber on an amendment, motion, resolution, or memorial.

AgendaA listing of business, including proposed legislation, to be considered at a council or committee meeting or during a hearing.

AmendmentAn amendment changes a bill or other proposed legislation.  A council, committee, or individual Representative may propose amendments.

An analysis is a document prepared for each committee of reference for each bill.  It summarizes the bill, explains its potential impact on current law and constituents, addresses constitutional issues, etc.  Legislators use bill analyses to decide whether or not to support the passage of  bills or to report bills favorably or unfavorably.

Apportionment and RedistrictingLegislative action taken after each ten-year, or decennial, census, to establish the membership size of the House and Senate and draw legislative districts to reflect population shifts as recorded by the census.

Appropriations and Implementing BillsBills authorizing the expenditure of public funds.  These bills are effective for only one fiscal year.

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