Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda 

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Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014HB 1Genetically Engineered Foods1st Reading
2014HB 37Involuntary Examinations Under the Baker ActWithdrawn prior to introduction
2014HB 217Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement1st Reading
2014HB 719Florida Ethics Center1st Reading
2014HB 769Energy-efficient Appliances/Sales Tax Holiday1st Reading
2014CS/HB 829Involuntary Examinations under the Baker ActAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HB 909Florida Mission Readiness Commission1st Reading
2014HJR 1175Commissioner of Energy/Composition of CabinetNow in Energy & Utilities Subcommittee
2014HM 1343Electromagnetic Pulses and Geomagnetic StormsNow in Local & Federal Affairs Committee
2014HM 1415Streamlined Sales and Use Tax AgreementNow in Local & Federal Affairs Committee
2014HM 1423EnergyNow in Local & Federal Affairs Committee
2014HB 4001Nuclear and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants1st Reading
2014HB 4011Death Penalty1st Reading
2014HR 9121Healthy Eating Awareness: Lifestyle To Heal You (HEALTHY) WeekAdopted by Publication

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014HB 35Resident Status for Tuition PurposesWithdrawn prior to introduction
2014CS/CS/CS/HB 41Florida Law Enforcement Officers' Hall of FameAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HB 49Springs Revival Act1st Reading
2014CS/HB 105Florida Civil Rights ActAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014CS/CS/HB 147Concrete Masonry EducationAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014CS/CS/HB 151Security of a Protected Consumer's InformationLaid on Table, refer to CS/CS/CS/SB 242
2014HB 163Employment Discrimination1st Reading
2014HB 221Sexual Orientation Change Therapy1st Reading
2014CS/HB 225Child Safety Devices in Motor VehiclesBill added to Special Order Calendar (4/23/2014)
2014HB 239Prohibited Discrimination1st Reading
2014HB 367Financial Literacy Instruction in the Public Schools1st Reading
2014HB 439Florida Families Act1st Reading
2014CS/CS/HB 445Time LimitationsAdded to Second Reading Calendar
2014HB 475Disclosure of Sexually Explicit Images1st Reading
2014HB 581Flood Insurance1st Reading
2014HJR 825Ad Valorem Assessments/Renewable Energy Source Devices1st Reading
2014HB 827Renewable Energy Source Devices1st Reading
2014CS/CS/HB 843Cannabis1st Reading
2014HB 859Medical Use Of Cannabis1st Reading
2014CS/HB 939Bail Bond Premiums04/22/14 S Received -SJ 524
2014HB 983Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program1st Reading
2014CS/HB 1017Human TraffickingAdded to Third Reading Calendar
2014HB 1039Recreational MarijuanaNow in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2014HB 1125Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-BlindNow in Business & Professional Regulation Subcommittee
2014CS/CS/HB 7015Military and Veteran SupportChapter No. 2014-1
2014HB 7071Advanced Practice Registered NursesNow in Health & Human Services Committee
2014HR 9001Florida State University Football TeamAdopted
2014HR 9011FSU DayAdopted
2014HR 9013Women's History MonthAdopted
2014HR 9015Holocaust Remembrance Day & WeekAdopted by Publication
2014HR 9021Florida Servicemembers & VeteransAdopted
2014HR 9023Retired Sergeant First Class Melvin MorrisAdopted
2014HR 9033American Red CrossAdopted by Publication

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