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Guidelines For Bill Drafting

The staff of House Bill Drafting is divided among three groups: the drafting staff, the editorial staff, and the administrative staff. The drafters prepare the text of drafts in response to requests by the members, committees, and sub-committees of the House. The editors review, correct, and confirm the completeness of the text prepared by the drafters. The administrative staff respond to questions regarding the office and the submission and status of requests; verify the text of all requests prior to final review; and file all bills and floor amendments.

2011 Guidelines to Bill Drafting

 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Introduction
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Table of Contents
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Part I: Types of Legislation (pages 1-26)
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Part II: Form of Legislation (pages 27-55)
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Part III: Preparing Legislation (pages 56-97)
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Part IV: Sample Legislation (pages 98-107)
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Part V: Amendments (pages 108-148)
 Blue Arrow - Place Maker Glossary (pages 149-159)
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Revised: 3/7/2011

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