Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Speaker's Introduction

Dear Floridian,

Just a few weeks ago, I asked every member of the Florida House of Representatives to participate in a unique exercise – a program-by-program review of our state’s current budget, in which the goal was to reduce the budget by a targeted 15 percent. I made this request in order to encourage Members to fully review and prioritize our state funded programs, services and activities with the understanding that this year Florida faces a budget shortfall of up to a $4.6 billion. As Legislators, we are constitutionally obligated to balance our state’s budget.

This exercise enjoyed bi-partisan support and helped illuminate for many Members the complexity and the significance of the funding decisions we must make. In light of the success of this budget reduction exercise, I am proud to announce we are inviting all Floridians to build our state’s budget by recommending potential reductions. Please continue reading to learn how you can participate in this important process.

On behalf of the Florida House of Representatives, I welcome you to the Florida House’s first ever Build Your Own Budget website and I thank you for your dedication to maintaining Florida’s fiscal health.



Dean Cannon

Quick Directions

  • Pick a Subcommittee Budget to work on
  • Open the Excel file for that Budget
  • Read the directions contained in the spreadsheet (highlighted box)
  • Locate column "E" in the Budget you selected
  • Try to reach the targeted 15 % reduction by proposing funding decreases in percentage form in column "E" (*Note- the program also allows for funding increases)
  • Watch the total funding for that Subcommittee Budget change based on your funding reductions
  • Complete your proposed Subcommittee Budget and save it for your reference
  • Try working on another Subcommittee Budget or reach out to your Representative to share your funding ideas and recommendations

Quick Links

Florida House Member Directory
Appropriation Committee Documents
Article 3, Section 19 of the FL Constitution – State Budgeting, Planning and Appropriations Processes

How to Get Started

We have supplied everything you need to successfully participate in the Build Your Own Budget exercise.

All participants will be using the exact same materials as our House Members. For the purpose of Build Your Own Budget exercise, we have divided the Florida’s budget into seven sections – each section corresponds with an existing Appropriations Subcommittee. Simply pick the Subcommittee you would like to focus on and select the adjacent Excel spreadsheet link (PDF is also available).

Each Excel document contains a line-by-line listing of the existing budget items for that topic along with the current funding level. Each document also contains a column where you as a participant can choose to increase or decrease the percentage of funding for that item. The program will automatically adjust the funding amount as well as indicate if you have chosen to make cuts to a revenue generating source, or to a program that gets matched funds from the federal government.

Each spreadsheet contains a goal funding amount (15 percent reduction in current spending levels) and we encourage you to keep that goal amount in mind as you alter the funding of programs, services and activities.

After you’ve completed your budget recommendations, we encourage you to share your results with your Representatives in the Florida House.

Committee Budgets
Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee - ANRAS Budget Balancing Exercise Format
Health Care Appropriations - Budget Balancing Exercise
Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee - Budget Balancing Exercise
Government Operations - Budget Balancing Exercise
Justice Approps Budget Balancing Exercise
PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee - Budget Balancing Exercise
Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee - Budget Balancing Exercise

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