HJR 43C (2010) -  Renewable Energy Sources

by Williams, A. (CO-SPONSORS) Heller; Taylor; Thompson; Zapata
Proposes creation of s. 28, Art. X of State Constitution, relating to renewable energy sources, to require that at least 20 percent of Florida's electricity be generated by renewable sources by January 1, 2021; defines different classes of renewable energy resources & provides phase-in schedule; provides that no more than 25 percent of such requirement may be met by class III renewable energy, which is energy produced from nuclear energy, certain fossil fuel generation for which carbon capture and sequestration plans have been approved, or use of pipeline-quality synthetic gas produced by processing waste petroleum coke with approved carbon capture & sequestration plans; allows certain Florida utilities to obtain class III renewable energy from source in another state if source is owned by affiliate in holding company with multistate dispatch.
Effective Date: Not Specified
Last Event: Died, Not Introduced on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 12:51 PM

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