284.31 Scope and types of coverages; separate accounts.The Insurance Risk Management Trust Fund shall, unless specifically excluded by the Department of Financial Services, cover all departments of the State of Florida and their employees, agents, and volunteers and shall provide separate accounts for workers’ compensation, general liability, fleet automotive liability, federal civil rights actions under 42 U.S.C. s. 1983 or similar federal statutes, and court-awarded attorney’s fees in other proceedings against the state except for such awards in eminent domain or for inverse condemnation or for awards by the Public Employees Relations Commission. Unless specifically excluded by the Department of Financial Services, the Insurance Risk Management Trust Fund shall provide fleet automotive liability coverage to motor vehicles titled to the state, or to any department of the state, when such motor vehicles are used by community transportation coordinators performing, under contract to the appropriate department of the state, services for the transportation disadvantaged under part I of chapter 427. Such fleet automotive liability coverage shall be primary and shall be subject to the provisions of s. 768.28 and parts II and III of chapter 284, and applicable rules adopted thereunder, and the terms and conditions of the certificate of coverage issued by the Department of Financial Services.
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