287.083 Purchase of commodities.
(1) It shall be the policy of the state for the Department of Management Services to consider the life-cycle cost of commodities purchased by the state, when applicable and feasible as determined by the department.
(2) Definitions.For the purpose of this section:
(a) “Major energy-consuming product” means any article so designated by the department.
(b) “Energy-efficiency standard” means a performance standard which prescribes the relationship of the energy use of a product to its useful output of services.
(3)(a) The department is authorized to establish by rule energy-efficiency standards for major energy-consuming products.
(b) When federal energy-efficiency standards exist, the department shall, when feasible, adopt standards at least as stringent as the federal standards.
(4) When energy-efficiency standards are established, life-cycle costs shall be used by the department in contracting for major energy-consuming products.
(5) In determining the life-cycle cost, the department may consider the acquisition cost of the product; the energy consumption and the projected cost of energy over the useful life of the product; and the anticipated trade-in, resale, or salvage value of the product.
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