The Florida Handbook

2013-2014 Edition -- TEST

A note on the new format

With its sections now available for download online in this Portable Document Format (PDF), this handbook has the following capabilities impossible for the print version:

The table of contents of each section is linked to the chapters within, making navigation as simple as clicking the mouse.
A link back to the table of contents appears in the bottom right corner of every page, making it easy to return to the beginning at any time.
Hyperlinks to relevant websites outside of the document are scattered throughout the text and provide quick access to additional information.
The "Find" function, Control(Command)+F, allows a search of an entire section for any topic all at once.

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Title Pages, Table of Contents, and Index (1mb)

The Executive Branch (6mb)

Includes an examination of the powers and duties of the executive branch, biographies of the Governor and Cabinet members, including past governors, information on executive departments and agencies, protocol, and assorted executive trivia.

The Judicial Branch (2mb)

Contains an overview of Florida’s judicial system and information about its courts, Supreme Court, and judicial milestones.

Florida’s Legislature (5mb)

Focuses on the people who shape Florida’s laws and how their work is done, including subjects like the budget, reapportionment, the powers of the House and Senate, notable legislation, and assorted trivia.

The People's Business (2.5mb)

Contains a history of the state constitution and constitutional amendments as well as a look at Florida’s Sunshine Laws, local government structure, voter registration, and elections and results.

Nature (6.5mb)

Includes information about Florida’s geography, climate, wildlife, and resources, with a closer examination of its freshwater resources, the Everglades, and exotic plant and animal species.

People (7.5mb)

Examines Florida’s population statistically and culturally by exploring state symbols, sports and pastimes, education, literature, and exceptional individuals.

Economy (2.5mb)

Includes an overview of the state’s economic history, assorted statistics, and a closer look at specific topics such as citrus production, truck crops, livestock, minerals, and tourism.

History (17.5mb)

Follows the story of Florida from exploration to the space age, including focused essays on significant places and periods.

The Florida Handbook (combined 47MB)

Past editions now available online

To view past editions of The Florida Handbook, visit the Florida State University Digital Library.


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