Speaker’s Podcast: Read, White, & Blue

In February 2022, Speaker Chris Sprowls launched his podcast, Read, White, & Blue on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. MP3 audio files of each of the podcast episodes are available for download on this page by simply clicking on each of the titles below.

From policy briefs and white papers as Speaker of the Florida House, to court cases and brutal police records as a former prosecutor, reading has always been a central part of Speaker Chris Sprowls’ mission to defend American values. This interest has expanded beyond his work and into a personal passion for reading books. Getting to know the authors behind the ideas on the page is one of his favorite pastimes. On Read, White, & Blue, hear fascinating interviews with some of the Speakers’ favorite authors and gain insight into the literary works that have shaped his world view, and sometimes, public policy, too.

Season 1 Episodes – 2022